Betanal quattro

Betanal quattro – A convenient 4 in 1 formulation for post emergence weed control in beet crops.

Beet crops are slow growing and are very susceptible to weed competition during establishment. Fast growing weeds can very swiftly swamp and outcompete beet crops especially in the first 8 weeks of establishment. To maximise beet crop yields and quality it is vital weed competition is eliminated during this time.

Now with Betanal quattro, farmers have a new convenient and effective tool to achieve this. Betanal quattro is the first herbicide available to New Zealand farmers that contains the four key active herbicide ingredients (ethofumusate, desmepiham, phenmedipham and metamitron) into one easy to use formulation.

Betanal quattro can be used from the beet cotyledon stage onwards to remove seedling weeds from your beet crop. It is important that Betanal quattro is applied to small actively growing weeds, ensuring that the beet crop is not stressed at time of application.


  • Betanal quattro is easy to use 4 in 1 formulation
  • Betanal quattro reduces chances of mixing errors
  • Betanal quattro reduces tank filling time
  • Betanal quattro is an optimised formulation, safe to the crop but effective on weeds
  • Betanal quattro increases flexibility as can be applied from beet cotyledon stage onwards
  • Betanal quattro minimises packaging – less to store, transport and dispose of

Using Betanal quattro on Fodder Beet, Red Beet and Sugar Beet

Weeds: Please refer to the label for a full list of the weeds controlled.

2.0 L/ha from the beet cotyledon crop stage to two true leaf stage.  

3.0 - 5.0 L/ha from the beet second true leaf crop stage onwards.